Scum of the sea


with fort Trai closing in the group sailed through sharkdapuss bay with Mutch haste! They docked the ship and set out to the city. Dem,Omar,Abraham and sheen wondered into the downtown area. Abraham paid the docking fees and we proceeded to the tavern looking for work. Dem and Omar approached the bar keep as the dwarfs stood at the door. The tavern bustled with business and patrons. Dem and the keep took aliking to each other but was pointed to the corner to talk to a brute and a wizard sitting at a table surrounded by goons. As we where about to go over Dem noticed the dwarves being herrased and targeted for a fight. Dem knocked one unconscious slapping his blades agents the opponents ears. Abraham spun his meteor fist into the face of the second aggressor knocking him down within a second of the first attacker falling. The bar errupted with cheers and laughter. The corner table Dem and Omar where pointed too had started making motions to go over and join them so we did. The bulking thug suited in black mail told Dem he liked the proformence and seemed to be able to handle his own the gnome agreed and was then offered a job. The huge man spoke of someone or something ambushing his trade caravans to the city’s west. The man could have done the job himself but was already pressed by more important matters. Dem accepted the job an set out that Milne t tword the spot most frequently ambushed. As they left town they where stoped by a few guards asking of there whatabouts. Abraham insisted we were on our way to see our grandmothers the gaurdd then exspressed the love for there own grand mothers an sent the group on there way and bestowing peanutbutter cookies oponst themith for there gran-mama’s. They took the trail to the outskirts of the city to come across two hillbilly elfs blowing a jug and pickin a one string bass. The rednecks instintly insalted the dwarfs referring to them as (dick-a-derkin flim flam demi humans ya-heh-hee) Dem then attacked with rage chopping the jug blower down. Abraham spun his meteor fist and let fly the the iron ball to only graze the bassist. Sheen then aimed his pistol an shot the elf hik dead. As they died the inkeeper of the outskirts inn saw the spectacle and cheered he RNA up and offered the group free lodge and good drink. The man then dissapred through his taverndoors. Dem wanted to inspect the mans house. As the entered the found a moonshine/brandy distillery and a few beds. Omar buried the body’s behind the house and asked the innkeeper if he’d run the still for the group in exchange for alittle profit. The group decided to travil from the outskirts into the woods twords Zans pit the supposed source of the ambushes. As they entered they word dryads attacked and died then doubled only to be cut down once more. As the countinued through the rough terrain the were attacked by a blackdeath viper cutting it in half fast trying not to get poisend. They continued through the rough walking through way seemed to be spider webbing they founda smooth wood slide seeming the only way through alot of thorny terrane. As the decended nothing but as the party became whole two jumping spiders sprung from the trees onto the party. The thief cutat the beasts doing damage but the poison on the weapons had no effect. Dem slaughtered one of the spiders as the dwarfs cleaned up the second they decided to take shifts in sleeping after setting up small camp


The small sandy town had only a few standing structure’s. The heat was unescapable and the air stung every pice of exposed flesh. Biting at nose holes and eyes with a salty sting. Our adventurers instantly went to the small towns public well spotting it before any other buildings. They stocked up there water buying more pouches at vary high prices from some locals around the well. Abraham then decided to lead the way to his cousins. A run down little shack with one door and no windows. A odd dwarf sported and embraced Abraham in a hug. The dwarf then questioned his cousin wondering why and how he had gotten there. Abraham then offered him to come along with them and venture the sea. The dwarf happily agreed and said he needed two days to prepare. Dem wanted to investigate an old pyramid he overheard some children talking about at the local well. With nothing better to do the group accepted. They set out and not to long after they were rushed by a few desert bores but made easy work of them. Not to long after the encounter the pyramid was in site. We approached with caution searching for an opining. Dem saw an odd form an noticed right away it was a person. A person withered and dying from the elements. Abraham ran over to the man giving him water and offering a bit of healing. The man was regained some stamina an nourishment from that but was still vary weak. He explained he was a wizard, poster the peppy portly pondering wizard. He had offered his service’s to a traveler and was separated from his party during some high winds. The wizard agreed to join us venturing into the pyramid he said he spotted an opining on the northern side. As they approached there was a quiet fresh dead body laying in the doorway. The wizard had not seen that body during his passing but Dem was eager to loot the corpse and bring death upponst that witch hath killith thine man. Then proceeded into the dark tunnels of the pyramid. Poster summoned a low level sonic raptor like beast able to see and mentally project the image of 100ft ahead of them into the wizards mind making out enemies as well. Omar jammed a trap pit door for noone to fall into. Then proceeded to sneak twords there enemy. Well he thought he was sneaking as his antler blades scraped the hard stone wall. Dem stepped ahead of the group ready to attack anything he didn’t feel fit to live. As poster cast his spell for the familiar the evil within the pyramid felt his magic and sent hell cats to investigate. Before the party could exit the hallway and into the room two he’ll cats appeared spraying fire at Omar. It would have been fatal if not for posters ward that he had put onto Omar at the vary last fucking second. The group killed the cats with ease and lotted the remains. Dem found an odd blue crystal with moving runes on the inside. Poster found an odd drawing of a sphinx. As they entered the room it stared filling with water Dem noticed the same rune from his stone was glowing on the walls he tried to stop the flow of water by touching it to the walls but nothing happened. The group decided to go back the way they came. As they left the room the water stoped rising but they did not turn back and made there way back to the town with no incident. As they arrived in town the went to the ship to find Abrahams cousin (sheen) had outfitted there ship with a catapult and a ram. The ship was resupplied and ready. They set back out to see without a care for the small town or anything it could offer at sea Dem spotted the shark that ate the wench that had been following him as a Spector. He ordered all hand on deck to attack and bring the beast in. Poster levitated it into the boat but not thinking the beast would bite at him after a few lucky dodges and swift strikes the shark was feel’ed. Dem eagerly cut the beast open looking for bones to burn. There was no bones but oddly anuf a larg chest full of treasure and gems. With land in cite throughout there sailing they spotted a vary larg town and decided to head on over and wat they might ster up.

First sitting

Omar and Abraham had found a port city (fort clostin)since there departure from there home village(venwer). Omar was sick of being a tailor apprentice under his adopted father. Abraham choose to come along worried for Omars well being. The two spent only a few days in town before meeting Dem. He was a local poor fishermen and shipwright. Omar happened to have some coin and spotted Dem selling his morning catch to a fish vendor on the docks. With a growl from his stomach he decided to try an haggle the fisherman for a deal on breakfast, and maybe a few extra coins to be maid. Dem was ready to cut a deal and noticed he was dealing with a thief since Omar approached Dem had been waiting for an opportunity like this. Dem sold the best of his catch to the eager. Before the transaction was complete Dem asked the elf of a special job, a item he had wanted for some time. A spyglass none to be owned be the man who lived in the house right in front of the vary fish vender they stood at. The overconfident elf accepted gladly, at that moment Abraham came into view walking towards the two. The dwarf engaged Dem in conversation instantly. As he did Omar slipped from sight of all. Dem and Abraham hadn’t even noticed until the engagement got stale Dem then offered to have a drink at the tavern five strides away known as (jims chum). Before the began to walk Abraham noticed Omar flat on his back getting screamed at by a villager. A few dozen lockpick attempts gone wrong might have been noticed. As the man opened his door he pushed the thief off the stoop and onto his back. The owner of the house became furious and started demanding answers Abraham ran to Omars aid saying it was a simple miss-understanding of address the man excepted that and slammed the door shut. Dem and Abraham then went to the tavern looking forward to drink. Omar stayed out that night scouting as the dwarf and gnome shared drink and tales. The spyglass was all the elf currently cared about. As night fell deeper and the patrols loser the elf found his opining in a window sliding through silently and concealed Within the shadows. He thought he was silent… The man in the home who was heavily asleep awolk fast to the sound of footsteps in his home he ran to the open window protruding his head past the opining to look for a intruder. As the man ran to the window Omer jumped into the shadows of the mans livingroom at the vary last moment. The man ran out of his front door searching around the house. Omar saw the spyglass mounted infront of him above the fire place. The elf took it and left unnoticed. As he came to the fish vendors stand he noticed it was well after midnight and had made no planes with his companion or employer and had simply done the job. As he thought of that luck would have it Abraham was leaving the bar and spotted Omar. Abraham approached the elf and assured him he knew where Dem lived and would complete the deal tomorrow. Omar nodded and walked to the inn with tired eyes. Looking at the spyglass before tucking it back away noticed a large folded pice of paper rapped around the middle section it was the deed to a ship in port! The two rested and awolk looking for Dem. They found not but ten feet from the dock fishing and arguing with a wench. The women kept saying she loved him as we approached. she asked who we where. Abraham responded saying he was Dems inter racial love child. The wench excepted that and inbraced him in a hug not thinking twice. As that was happening Omar was giving the gnome the spy glass and explaining how there was a deed attached as well. Abraham came into the conversation after he had sent the wench off. We decided to go to the ship and scout out the situation. It was a small sail boat well stocked and to are amazement there was no Crue on bord not a soul. Dem got his belongings and Omar riled up three lesser thieves to join him. They set out as fast as they could and amazingly brought no attention to themselves. Pulling away from the dock they noticed a man thrashing in the water screaming for help. Abraham tossed him a rope, just as a shark fin surfaced for the man Dems wench had come running twords the dock calling out to him. She then triped and fell into the harbor. For whatever reason the shark stopped going for the drowning man to brutally devour the wench. It was a clean steal… No one noticed us leave,we were not followed it was amazing. Are crew handled the ship with no problems. But we where unsure on what to do next. A planer ship sailed twords us with shots of terror claiming a blue dragon to be not far behind them. We passed them and continued our path not seeing any dragons. Abraham decided we should get his cousin from a not to far continent. A sandy desert like place, it didn’t seem worth it but Abraham told us of his cousin and his great skill in engineering. We decided it to be worth the trip with nothing else at hand and no clear path. As land came into sight so did a small transporting ship. Dem wanted to start his piracy and wat better way then the weak. We pulled the ship close to the other Dem offering trade claiming to need rations for starving men in exchange for gun powder. Both ships flue friendly city flags so the caption thought the best of his current situation. Dem and Omar walked over the plank to the ship that was about to be sacked. The caption explained to Dem some of his men had scurvy and needed fruit for the clarics could only cure the sickness but not help the ammunity to it. As he asked Omar slipped into the shadows unnoticed and Abraham started over the blank. As he reached the victims boat Omar backstabed and killed the first mate. Dem then rushed the caption making quick work of him and headed twords the stern of the ship. The ranger maning the ship let fly his arrow into the shoulder of Abraham. Dem then attacked the ranger giving him no chance to release another arrow. Omar then rushed to Abrahams side slicing into the oncoming crew man trying to attack the wounded dwarf. The deck was clear and noone emerged from below. Abraham quaffed a healing potion and we continued below deck. As we went down the stairs we entered a room of three doors. We herd alittle snoring. As Omar pressed hi ear to the door to try an hear anything he was poked by a nail in the door it just so happend to have to be the same outcome on the door across… Dem opened the door to his right and staring back at him was a gnome atop a chest. Paralyzed with fear he died quick as Dem rushed him. Abraham entered the door straight across from the stairs to come face to face with a most odd half-Orc magic user. This creature had no control of his magical prowess but let fly a magic missile into the dwarfs chest. Abraham screamed out to the half-Orc, I know of you confusion. The Orc then sank to the ground crying and Abraham went over to comfort him. As Dem looked around the gore of wat was once a gnome he noticed Omar holding he’s ears outside of the door. But also saw the chest the gnome was sitting on. Then he felt an abrupt coldness and herd a almost familiar shreek. The door shut looking him in the room. A blue green mist rose from the corner of the room. It was a specter,Dems dead wench. It let out a noneunderstandable mix of word that all sounded like complaining. The gnome was so scared he shoulder rammed the door going into the next room. Two sleeping crewman awoke quickly. The assassin leaping twords Dem was cut down in mid sprint. The illusionist tried to cast a spell. Dem cut him in half with his hand syth, and sent the other flying as if it were a boomerang killing the last foe in the other room then flying tword Omar. Who dodge the flying missile by the hair in his bleeding ears. Dem the entered the room which Omar stood in. The Spector still followed everyone could see and hear it. As they approached the dwarf for an answer to get rid of the ghostly thing they stood in awe, as a dwarf comferted a half-Orc who was sobbing on the ground. There was also a tiny rain cloud over the half-Orc as he cried. We decided to bring the Orc along only Abraham wanted that we thought of it as a bad idea. We then looted the ship. It carried cooking spices but under the spice we found two (PP) worth of drugs and in the chest gems of different sorts and a pair of bone dice Abraham took. A group decision was mad to leave the unharmed ship in sea an leave no ties to us and this crime. The dessert town of the engineer cousin is now in sight and we are ready to set off into this small dessert port town

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