Scum of the sea


with fort Trai closing in the group sailed through sharkdapuss bay with Mutch haste! They docked the ship and set out to the city. Dem,Omar,Abraham and sheen wondered into the downtown area. Abraham paid the docking fees and we proceeded to the tavern looking for work. Dem and Omar approached the bar keep as the dwarfs stood at the door. The tavern bustled with business and patrons. Dem and the keep took aliking to each other but was pointed to the corner to talk to a brute and a wizard sitting at a table surrounded by goons. As we where about to go over Dem noticed the dwarves being herrased and targeted for a fight. Dem knocked one unconscious slapping his blades agents the opponents ears. Abraham spun his meteor fist into the face of the second aggressor knocking him down within a second of the first attacker falling. The bar errupted with cheers and laughter. The corner table Dem and Omar where pointed too had started making motions to go over and join them so we did. The bulking thug suited in black mail told Dem he liked the proformence and seemed to be able to handle his own the gnome agreed and was then offered a job. The huge man spoke of someone or something ambushing his trade caravans to the city’s west. The man could have done the job himself but was already pressed by more important matters. Dem accepted the job an set out that Milne t tword the spot most frequently ambushed. As they left town they where stoped by a few guards asking of there whatabouts. Abraham insisted we were on our way to see our grandmothers the gaurdd then exspressed the love for there own grand mothers an sent the group on there way and bestowing peanutbutter cookies oponst themith for there gran-mama’s. They took the trail to the outskirts of the city to come across two hillbilly elfs blowing a jug and pickin a one string bass. The rednecks instintly insalted the dwarfs referring to them as (dick-a-derkin flim flam demi humans ya-heh-hee) Dem then attacked with rage chopping the jug blower down. Abraham spun his meteor fist and let fly the the iron ball to only graze the bassist. Sheen then aimed his pistol an shot the elf hik dead. As they died the inkeeper of the outskirts inn saw the spectacle and cheered he RNA up and offered the group free lodge and good drink. The man then dissapred through his taverndoors. Dem wanted to inspect the mans house. As the entered the found a moonshine/brandy distillery and a few beds. Omar buried the body’s behind the house and asked the innkeeper if he’d run the still for the group in exchange for alittle profit. The group decided to travil from the outskirts into the woods twords Zans pit the supposed source of the ambushes. As they entered they word dryads attacked and died then doubled only to be cut down once more. As the countinued through the rough terrain the were attacked by a blackdeath viper cutting it in half fast trying not to get poisend. They continued through the rough walking through way seemed to be spider webbing they founda smooth wood slide seeming the only way through alot of thorny terrane. As the decended nothing but as the party became whole two jumping spiders sprung from the trees onto the party. The thief cutat the beasts doing damage but the poison on the weapons had no effect. Dem slaughtered one of the spiders as the dwarfs cleaned up the second they decided to take shifts in sleeping after setting up small camp



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