Scum of the sea


The small sandy town had only a few standing structure’s. The heat was unescapable and the air stung every pice of exposed flesh. Biting at nose holes and eyes with a salty sting. Our adventurers instantly went to the small towns public well spotting it before any other buildings. They stocked up there water buying more pouches at vary high prices from some locals around the well. Abraham then decided to lead the way to his cousins. A run down little shack with one door and no windows. A odd dwarf sported and embraced Abraham in a hug. The dwarf then questioned his cousin wondering why and how he had gotten there. Abraham then offered him to come along with them and venture the sea. The dwarf happily agreed and said he needed two days to prepare. Dem wanted to investigate an old pyramid he overheard some children talking about at the local well. With nothing better to do the group accepted. They set out and not to long after they were rushed by a few desert bores but made easy work of them. Not to long after the encounter the pyramid was in site. We approached with caution searching for an opining. Dem saw an odd form an noticed right away it was a person. A person withered and dying from the elements. Abraham ran over to the man giving him water and offering a bit of healing. The man was regained some stamina an nourishment from that but was still vary weak. He explained he was a wizard, poster the peppy portly pondering wizard. He had offered his service’s to a traveler and was separated from his party during some high winds. The wizard agreed to join us venturing into the pyramid he said he spotted an opining on the northern side. As they approached there was a quiet fresh dead body laying in the doorway. The wizard had not seen that body during his passing but Dem was eager to loot the corpse and bring death upponst that witch hath killith thine man. Then proceeded into the dark tunnels of the pyramid. Poster summoned a low level sonic raptor like beast able to see and mentally project the image of 100ft ahead of them into the wizards mind making out enemies as well. Omar jammed a trap pit door for noone to fall into. Then proceeded to sneak twords there enemy. Well he thought he was sneaking as his antler blades scraped the hard stone wall. Dem stepped ahead of the group ready to attack anything he didn’t feel fit to live. As poster cast his spell for the familiar the evil within the pyramid felt his magic and sent hell cats to investigate. Before the party could exit the hallway and into the room two he’ll cats appeared spraying fire at Omar. It would have been fatal if not for posters ward that he had put onto Omar at the vary last fucking second. The group killed the cats with ease and lotted the remains. Dem found an odd blue crystal with moving runes on the inside. Poster found an odd drawing of a sphinx. As they entered the room it stared filling with water Dem noticed the same rune from his stone was glowing on the walls he tried to stop the flow of water by touching it to the walls but nothing happened. The group decided to go back the way they came. As they left the room the water stoped rising but they did not turn back and made there way back to the town with no incident. As they arrived in town the went to the ship to find Abrahams cousin (sheen) had outfitted there ship with a catapult and a ram. The ship was resupplied and ready. They set back out to see without a care for the small town or anything it could offer at sea Dem spotted the shark that ate the wench that had been following him as a Spector. He ordered all hand on deck to attack and bring the beast in. Poster levitated it into the boat but not thinking the beast would bite at him after a few lucky dodges and swift strikes the shark was feel’ed. Dem eagerly cut the beast open looking for bones to burn. There was no bones but oddly anuf a larg chest full of treasure and gems. With land in cite throughout there sailing they spotted a vary larg town and decided to head on over and wat they might ster up.



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